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Blast Cleaning is the process of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to remove surface contaminants i.e. rust and paint. The abrasive is propelled by a high volume of compressed air of which the pressure can be adjusted to suit the type of surface and the finish required.

The types of abrasive used include recycled glass, aluminum oxide, iron slag, garnet and crushed walnut shells. Each abrasive chosen has different characteristics which will determine its application. It is ideal for surface preparation and creates a profile for new coatings and finishes on metal, wood and stone.

Full Blast Ltd carry out blast cleaning contracts on any surface in any location from our custom built mobile units. With the up to date equipment on board we are able to offer a fast and effective service across a wide variety of industries.


Open Nozzle Blasting

Open nozzle blasting is a surface preparation method used on a wide variety of items and structures and consists of an abrasive air propelled at variable pressures that impacts the surface to remove unwanted rust or paint.


Wet Blasting

Wet blasting is a form of open nozzle blasting where water is introduced into the air stream to help reduce airborne dust created in sensitive areas.


Floor Blasting

All of our floor blasting machines use a close circuit abrasive recovery and cleaning system – making this form of surface preparation DUST FREE. Shot blasting is the best way to clean and prepare surfaces before applying a coating of any kind. Having a clean prepared surface before applying the new coating will give a perfect profile for the new coating to adhere to and also removes any risk of the new coating reacting with the old.